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At Bark Out Loud, we are dedicated to enhancing the wellness and happiness of your beloved pets. Our expertise lies in meticulously crafting premium pet products designed to infuse joy and vitality into the lives of your furry companions. Offering a comprehensive range that includes nutritious food that nurtures them from the inside out, irresistible treats that make tails wag, effective skincare solutions that pamper their precious skin, and vital supplements to support their overall health. As your one-stop solution, we take pride in being the leading brand in India that offers every essential your pet requires. To become every pet parent's trusted partner on the journey towards a happier and healthier pet is an unwavering mission for us, at Bark Out Loud. Join this community of passionate pet lovers because, when it comes to your four-legged family members, they deserve nothing less than the absolute best!

Why Choose Us?

We'll tell you…

Because of our premium range of pet care products that make your pet's life better, healthier and happier. We are a on stop solution for all your pet's needs. From effective skincare to nutritious food and from irresistible treats to vital supplements. With no harmful synthetic chemicals, zero additives, no preservatives and all-natural ingredients, all of Bark Out Loud's products are formulated and validated by expert vets and scientists. This ensures only the best and most wholesome products reach your pets.

Our quality-driven approach not only allows us to innovate and reinvent, resulting in a range covers prevention and treatment but also sourcing the highest quality ingredients and raw material from all over the world, for your pet's well-being. This makes Bark Out Loud fun yet functional, an advantage for both pets and pet parents

Most important of all however, is our true 'masters response'. This means we're just as committed and invested in your pet's well being as you are. It means we care enough to go beyond, by employing state-of-the-art techniques and facilities, sourcing the highest quality raw materials and collaborating with the best labs from around the world. All so we can help you give your furry family members the best quality of life and health care possible.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of animals through innovative products

Our Vision

We strive to make the world more joyous for animals


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Our Team

Kunal Khanna

Meet the man bringing innovation to animal healthcare.

Kunal Khanna, Founder and CEO of Vivaldis Health and Foods Pvt Ltd trained his lens on animal healthcare at a time when most businesses would rather not. The astute entrepreneur identified its hidden potential and was determined to unlock it to improve the care, cure and management of animal health. This is what birthed Vivaldis Health and Foods Pvt Ltd seven years ago.

Drawing from his rich experience in human healthcare, he has been able to innovate and create path-breaking treatment options.

Before dipping his feet into animal healthcare, Kunal worked as a banker with various multinational banks. He then took a break and completed MBA from the London School of Business before making his foray into the pharma industry.

Devika Khanna

Devika looks after the Business to Consumer division of the organization and comes with robust experience in digital marketing, business strategy and solutions.

Devika started her career in public relations and then moved to digital marketing with Reliance Industries. A strong urge to be her own boss inspired her to launch an e-commerce start-up, Jupitershoes.com. After that, she started Infakt Insights, which offered specialized and unique solutions to probe the consumer's mind.

Moving forward, Devika has set her vision on expanding the footprint of Vivaldis by tapping into newer markets and building a better world for our four-legged friends and their humans.

Arun Kumar Khanna

Mr. Arun Kumar Khanna had vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry since 1973. He has also served as the Managing Director of Zuventus Healthcare Ltd. and Chief Operating Officer of Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Mr. Khanna also serves as an executive member of the Confederation of Indian Industries for Latin America, Caribbean and South African Committee through which he puts forth concerns and suggestions for the betterment of the Indian healthcare business in these countries.

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