The Struggle of the Summer Surge: A Guide to Find the Best Anti-Tick and Flea Solution.

The upcoming summer heat turns your pet into a comfortable host for bloodsuckers like ticks and fleas. The skin irritation and compulsive scratching are only the surface of the troubling symptoms caused by infestations. These infestations can harm your pet, aside from causing discomfort. As a pet parent, managing tick and flea infestations can be frustrating and time-consuming. We have curated this guide to give you the necessary tools to help you cultivate the best treatment for your furry friend. 

Ticked off by Ticks This Summer?

By exploring the factors leading to the arrival of ticks and fleas on your pets during summer, you can prevent the havoc they cause. Infestations can harm your dogs or cats, putting them at risk of anemia, tick-borne diseases, flea allergies, and skin irritation. The discomfort brought on by infestations can have negative behavioral changes. Like, compulsive itching and chewing in affected areas that can cause frustration, and let areas fester with infection. You have options available to relieve your pets, such as anti-tick and flea spot-on treatments for dogs and cats.

The sweltering conditions of the summer are ideal for tick and flea reproduction. This makes it easier for the parasites to lodge into your dog or cat’s coat and spread. Ticks flourish during these months, as it gets convenient for them to detect hosts with high body temperatures. In regions with high humidity, the risk of parasites carrying disease also increases.

Why are Dogs and Cats an Easy Target?

Many root causes ensure a nourishing environment for ticks and fleas to survive. These are all enhanced in the heat, as the direct exposure is bound to increase. Dogs and cats enjoy ventures into fields of tall grass, playing in the park, hiking in wooded areas, or simply relaxing in the backyard to wind down.

We know how much pets love outdoor activities. Unfortunately, this is where a major risk of infestation is faced. As it gets complicated to restrict exposure, it is important to implement some cautionary methods for prevention. Your pet might be introduced to ticks and fleas by rodents, and birds. This is because your pet could be sharing common areas with these animals.  

A Swift Spot-On Solution

Purchasing anti-tick and flea spot-on treatments is one of the most straightforward methods to safeguard your pets from infections. These topical solutions are developed to repel and kill ticks and fleas on contact, offering long-lasting safety for your furry companions. Products like Bark Out Loud's Tick & Flea Spot-On offer a natural and hassle-free alternative for parasite repellants, formulated with 11 essential oils that effectively combat infestation. Our product range also includes the Bark Out Loud Natural Tick and Flea Spray, for more convenient use. These treatments are carefully formulated for the comfort of your pets without any hazardous chemicals. The formula contains organic ingredients like rosemary, geranium, and cedarwood oil, that do not have any negative side effects on your pets. A natural solution can prevent damage to fur and skin, and assure the best treatment for dogs and cats. 

Your pet has specific needs based on their health conditions, so it is important to approve all treatments by a trusted veterinarian. Routine check-ups provide much-needed guidance to pet parents that make the treatment process efficient from the start. This also saves your pet from extensive treatments that can be damaging.

Caregiver Control

There are plenty of measures to add to your treatment to help you in the journey of finding the best anti-tick treatments. Instead of repellants with high chemical contents, you can opt for simple spot-on treatments with natural ingredients that are just as effective. You can start at home by conducting regular inspections and implementing a grooming routine for your dog or cat. This can prevent ticks and fleas from spreading in the preliminary stage of breeding.

You can regularly clean designated pet areas by washing your pet's bed in hot water, and clean outdoor areas with pet-safe insecticides that help eliminate parasites and their eggs from your pet's environment.


As the summer sets in, understanding how these parasites can terrorize your pets can help you avoid infestations altogether. The common application of anti-tick and flea spot-on treatments for dogs and cats can help maintain their positive behavior while providing you with the easiest solution to combat the issue. Keeping your furry companions carefree this sultry season.

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