Why Does Gut Health Matter to Dogs?

When we say “gut”, it refers to the gastrointestinal tract - the path that food takes from the mouth, through the stomach and intestines before reaching the colon and leaving the body as ‘poop’. The gastrointestinal tract plays a crucial role in the health of our dogs and cats. When it comes to maintaining good health, there is nothing more important than a healthy gut. Once considered a simple body system, the digestive system today is much more important where a whole ecosystem of organisms live to keep the pet healthy. Optimizing the balance of the trillions of organisms living in the digestive system is key to true gut health and the secret to helping all pets achieve a lifetime of well-being.

Feeding your pets a balanced diet is critical for their digestive well-being because they are directly correlated. A homemade diet can lack the essential nutrients and nutritional compounds required for your dog's well-being. In such cases, supplementing your dog's diet with prebiotics and probiotics may prove beneficial.

What are these organisms living in their gut and how do they help dogs?


We all have at some point come across these terms - probiotics, prebiotics, gut microorganisms, etc. Similar to humans, there are trillions of microorganisms living inside the intestinal tract of dogs and cats. While some of them are harmful, most of them are incredibly beneficial to their digestive health. Due to external factors like diet, medicines, lifestyle, environment, etc., these good bacteria deplete in the gut and the bad ones take over leading to an imbalance that further leads to various diseases and gut disorders.

Some of the symptoms of an out-of-order gut are:

  • Loose Stools / Diarrhea
  • Increased Flatulence or Bloating
  • Dry Coat, Itchy Skin
  • Weight Loss
  • Food Intolerance
  • Bad Breath
  • Anxiety, etc.

Probiotics are nothing but good bacteria which helps to stabilize the gut and restore balance. Prebiotics are nothing but various fibers, which will help these good bacteria to grow in the gut and is more like food for the bacteria.

Other than probiotics & prebiotics, good quality proteins and other natural ingredients also help in optimizing nutrient absorption and good digestion.

These above ingredients should be watched out for in what you feed to them. Be it pet food or home-cooked food or treats, these ingredients make a difference to the digestive health of your pets.

Now if you're thinking of supplementing their diet naturally, think again. Trying to feed dogs a prebiotic diet without expert formulations runs the risk of giving them the wrong amount of food, which could cause nutritional imbalances.

Treats from Bark Out Loud's latest range contain helpful prebiotics that could unlock multiple health benefits for your dogs.

But what exactly are the benefits of giving your dogs these prebiotic treat

  • Maintains a good digestive system
  • A more powerful immune system
  • Healthy skin and coat.
  • No bloating, no diarrhea, reduced flatulence, and a healthy appetite.
  • Maintain stool quality
  • Improved mood and mental health
  • Prebiotics may also help your dog recover from an infection or antibiotic treatment.

Bark Out Loud's wide range of treats such as Soft Chicken Chews, Dental Chews, Red Hearts, and Coatiez are packed with prebiotics and good quality animal proteins such as fresh chicken and fish protein. They deliver a healthy, gut-friendly treat with every bite.

Moreover, these treats are developed by world-class labs in Spain and India, ensuring accurate and optimum dosages of prebiotics.

Use these treats to train, reward, or simply pamper your pet with good health, wellness and longevity. Furthermore, these treats also serve specific functions such as dental care, coat, and skin care, boosting immunity, and maintaining bone density and heart health. Incorporate these tasty bites into your dog's diet gradually and experience the power of prebiotics to transform your dog's well-being, one treat at a time.

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